7 Best Free Unlimited VPN Apps For Android in 2020

It has become really important to have a VPN installed in your device nowadays. As the government is forcing new internet policies and will be coming up with some changes in the way we use the internet, the need for free unlimited VPN apps For Android has increased.   

A VPN helps you to stay anonymous, unblock banned sites and protect your privacy. You can even play games that are blocked in your country. However, VPNs are not so cheap as you think they are, some of them cost around 100 USD or even more than this for a year.  

best free unlimited vpn apps for android
Best Free Unlimited VPN Apps For Android 2020

Therefore, we have tested a dozen free VPN apps and we are excited to share with you a list of 7 best free unlimited VPN apps for android. So, buckle up and check out our list and choose the best VPN service for yourself.  

7 Best Free Unlimited VPN Apps for Android  

All of the VPNs listed below have been tested before adding them to this and some of these below-listed VPNs are also available on iOS devices.  

1. Turbo VPN  

Turbo VPN has a huge impression when it comes to free and unlimited VPN for smartphones. It provides access to 6 servers that are fast, free and reliable. There is also a VIP version which gives access to some more servers at a cost of around 9-10 USD per month.  

turbo vpn

There is no limit on the bandwidth, which means you can use the VPN 24×7 without having to worry about the limits. You must also have a look at FRP Bypass Tool that helps you to remove FRP lock on Android.


  • Unlimited bandwidth  
  • Secure, reliable and fast  
  • Easy to connect  
  • Bypass blocked apps and websites.  
  • Encrypted  


  • VIP service is quite expensive  
  • Provides access to only 6 servers  
  • Consumes a lot of CPU   
  • Not available for Windows yet  


One of my favorite and fresh VPN services by Cloudflare, which aims to make the internet secure and fast. The main aim of this app is to secure your connection so that intruders do not spoof into your network.  

You can also use the WARP feature which is free, while the WARP+ is a paid feature. But you can get free 1 GB of WARP connectivity if you share it with your friends and they use your link for signup. free unlimited vpn

The best thing about 1.1.1. is that you can exclude apps from the network by menu >> More settings >>Connection options >> Manage excluded apps >> Manage. Select the apps you want to exclude from  

You can get unlimited WARP+ bandwidth for Rs 69 or 1 USD a month which is a lot cheaper than any other VPN.  


  • Free and unlimited  
  • Paid plans are cheap  
  • Fast and very secure  


  • Limited control over connectivity  
  • Does not work with Netflix and YouTube 

3. Hola VPN  

Hola VPN is a proxy VPN for android devices that has a slightly different working mechanism. The peer to peer service makes the network strong when users are sharing the same idle resources repeatedly. The data saver feature makes sure that your data doesn’t get wasted in downloading useless resources while surfing the internet.  

hola unlimited free vpn for android

You can unblock almost every website with hola VPN for android. There is also a paid version for this, you can purchase a plan if this VPN service meets your expectations.   


  • No bandwidth limits on surfing the internet or downloading files.  
  • Access sites and apps that are blocked in your region  
  • Swapping countries is easy  


  • It collects user data such as IP address, personal information, list of apps installed in device and more.   

4. Express VPN  

Express VPN managed to grab a lot of users due to its amazing performance and authenticity. It offers 145 servers from 90 different locations such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Switzerland and more. The best thing about Express VPN is that it doesn’t store the user log in its server.  


  • 30 days money-back guarantee if you purchase a paid plan  
  • No logs are stored in the servers, which makes you completely anonymous on the internet  
  • 24×7 customer support to breakdown your problems  
  • Available for a lot of platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android and iOS  

Express VPN

5. SuperVPN  

Adding another amazing android vpn app on our list, SuperVPN, which is a straightforward VPN app that can help to bypass the restrictions on any websites and apps that are banned in your region. All you have to do is launch the app and tap on the connect button to start surfing anonymously.  


  • No registration is required  
  • The connection is secure and encrypted  
  • One tap connectivity  


  • Only 20 days free trial, later the connectivity session is limited to 60 mins only  
  • Less attractive user interface  

6. Touch VPN: Free Unlimited VPN

Touch VPN’s keen focus is to keep your browsing safe and secure when you connect to a public network. This prevents hackers from getting access to your personal information like pictures, videos, contacts and anything that you send over the public hotspot.  

touch vpn

You can even unblock sites that are banned in your region, well not only sites but also the apps that do not work in your region due to government interference or geographical restrictions.  


  • No credit cards are required to signup  
  • 100 percent free, reliable and secure service  
  • Unlimited bandwidth without any restrictions  

Touch VPN

7. Windscribe Free VPN

If you don’t often use the internet for downloading purposes, a wind scribe is the best VPN service for you. It offers 10 GB of free bandwidth per month and you can earn an additional 5 GB bonus if you share it on your social media handles.  

windscribe vpn

The best part about wind scribe is that it used military-grade encryption and doesn’t store log details. You can choose from up to 10 different servers and also use the split tunneling method.  


  • Extremely safe and secure to use  
  • Light in size doesn’t consume many resources  
  • Cross-platform support  
  • 10 server locations to choose from  


  • Wind scribe free version won’t unblock Netflix for you  
  • Sometimes, the connection becomes unstable  

Final Words  

It has become important to have a VPN on our devices. It not only keeps our browsing anonymous but also helps to bypass the firewalls and access the blocked sites and apps in our region. There are a lot of VPN apps for android available.  

In this article, we have shared a list of 7 best free unlimited VPN apps for android in 2020 which we have tested personally. All of these apps are either free or provide unlimited bandwidth with some conditions.   

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